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Live Net Ads can only be placed in the Network of Business website.

We are a Division of Network of Business. We provide Live 2 Way Interactive Advertising for businesses who are members of the Network of Business and for Businesses using Local Locator. All of our web pages use Live InterActive Video to connect users to advertisers, which increases Internet sales by 600% over pay per click advertising.

Live Net Ads only charge for connections. If you don’t receive ad action, there are No Costs. In Short, we Guarantee to produce Ad Results or you don’t pay us. The ad cost is very low and the coverage is unequalled. Our World-Wide Database will soon equal the 30 Million Companies we now have from the U.S and Canada. Added to this Business Base is a ratio of 6 to 1 in Company Employees. The count is now approaching 180 Million Business Contacts and Potential Customers in the Network of Business database.

Types of Ads

Relevancy Ads
Live Net Ads offer Search and Directory Relevancy Ads. Advertisers can provide up to three keywords per ad, however Live Net Ads also selects keywords and phrases using our Relevancy Engine. The engine analyzes all of the informational content in the Network of Business database and selects keywords. When a user requests information, we also provide ads that are relevant to the content information and these Relevancy promo ads appear near the top of the page.

Imbed Ads
Imbed Ads are similar to Intext Ads with One Big Exception – Imbed Ads have our “Live Ad Connector” imbedded in the Bubble Box, so users can connect with the advertiser to “See and Talk Live.”

How Imbed Ads Obtain Results
Our Relevancy Engine algorithms analyze the entire information database of the Network of Business and keywords and text phrases are assigned to each page. When an information page is displayed, keywords/text phrases are double underlined and are highlighted in blue and when scrolled over, a bubble box appears containing a short description along with our Live Ad Connector icon. The bubble box ad appears above and to the right of the keyword underline, so it doesn't interfere with the reader who can continue to read. In five seconds the bubble box ad moves to the right column where it becomes stationary. Users can connect for a Live 2 Way Interactive Streaming Video Conference where both parties See & Talk Live. Users can even be connected without registration or a lengthy download. The Ad Rep can Demo and Display Products and Services. Compared to PPC Ads, Imbed Ads deliver six times the sales closing results; in fact, there is no other advertising system that even comes close to the cost effective results of Imbed Ads.

Button Ads
Button Ads are a rectangular boxed ad containing a short description with the ability to “Connect to Website” and “See & Talk Live.” They are positioned at the bottom of the page.

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